Well, howdy! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to dig a little deeper into ‘me, myself and I’ on this unashamedly self-centred website detailing a little about my life, work and how I came to be here!

It’s more than likely that you know me as the face of Bride & Conquer, a travel-focused wedding blog and directory for the adventurous couple! With over 50% of couples now looking nationally or internationally to host their nuptials, myself included, I felt uninspired as a woman who is driven by adventure, by the big blogs currently dominating the bridal scene.

You may also know me as the face behind bridal boutique BRIDE by Aster. This is my first bridal boutique that I launched in 2018 just before my 30th birthday. I had become bored of seeing the same old mediocre and snobby service offered in the industry and had totally had my fill of seeing the same dresses over and over again. It was like an epidemic! I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my London job for a Surrey based boutique and have never looked back….